August 13, 2009


Steve and I celebrated our 6 mo. anniversary on the 3rd and he surprised me at my house with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (gerber daisies, orchids) and curry tofu for dinner! <3
Last week Steve and I went to dinner at AIDA wine bistro in Columbia for HoCo Restaurant Week and the food there was amazing!

On Tuesday I met up with my friend Dan and we went to Geisha Sushi Bar in Mt. Vernon for dinner. I think that this place has a great RW deal considering a special roll off of their menu is around $10. We got a 5 course meal for $30 you really can't beat that. I got shumai, miso soup, house salad with ginger dressing, bulgogi (korean bbq beef), and green tea ice cream. Dan got shrimp tempura, wonton soup, avocado salad, 12 pieces nigiri + spicy tuna roll, and fried banana ice cream. I would go back here again and soon. This was the best spicy tuna roll I have ever had and the fish for the nigiri was so fresh.
Wednesday was a girls night dinner with my friends that I've known since high school. We went to Meli in Fells Point.
As our waiter explained, Meli means honey in Greek so the chef incorporates honey into all of the dishes. The food and drinks were good and so was the service. My only complaint was that there were fruit flies flying around our table... Could it be the honey?

I got shrimp & grits BLT, lavender honey glazed salmon served with Peruvian potatoes and baby bok choy and galaktoboureko (try saying that 3x fast) for dessert. Other's ordered veal, duck, and chicken penne, all very good.
The wikipedia definition of galaktoboureko, here.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary!

    The "honey" restaurant looks and sounds amazing, especially the dessert ;)

  2. What did you like at Aida Bistro? I once got the cheese ravioli there and I only got 4 small ones for $10 and it wasn't very good.

  3. Hi Wendy, thanks for your post! I'm sorry you didn't have the best experience at AIDA. I have to agree with you, the portions were much smaller than I had anticipated. When I went it was during HoCo Restaurant Week so we got 3 courses which did fill me up. For the entree course, I ordered a filet with potatoes and asparagus which was very good.