August 27, 2009


My inbox was blowing up today when I woke up with friends and new friends commenting about my blog and the mention about my blog on HowChow. How cool is that?! Thanks for the shout out HowChow, I love your blog!

Regarding the post, I've lived in Baltimore since I was 3 months old and although I wasn't born in Baltimore, I consider myself to be a Baltimore Hon tried and true. I love the O's, steamed crabs, Berger Cookies, and have even visited Edgar Allan Poe's grave site on Halloween... you get the point :)

I still live in Baltimore, but have been spending a lot more time in HoCo since that's where my boyfriend lives. I've really come to like HoCo, it's just such a great county for seeing, eating, and doing new things!

This weekend, I'm planning a lunch get together with my still very good friends from college. We're trying to go somewhere that is mid-point from the different areas we're coming from which just so happens to be the Elkridge/Columbia area. I recently purchased a $25 certificate for only $10 from to Zapata's in Columbia, MD. Their website states that they are 100% Mexican owned. I studied abroad in Mexico and have desperately trying to find some tasty, authentic Mexican food so I'm looking forward to trying this place out, I hope my friends wanna go Mexican!


  1. I hope you have a good time, and yes, go Mexican!

  2. Be sure to email me when you write about Zapata. I updated the post to give credit to your true home -- and the boy who brings you to Howard County.