September 7, 2009


A special shout out to my 'rents today: Happy 35th Anniversary! <3

Ever since we have been going to the Outer Banks some 13 years ago, my mom has really wanted a hammock swing for our front porch. They are a little pricey and my mom being my mom never wants to buy something for herself so my brothers and I bought them a hammock swing from Nags Head Hammocks while we were on vacation this summer as their anniversary present.

I also wanted to do something special for them on their actual anniversary so I bought them a certificate to Chiapparellis in Little Italy and set up dinner reservations for just the two of them.

Today was also the last day of the MD State Fair. Steve has never been and I really wanted to try something deep fried and crazy bad for you so we went. Steve grew up near an area with a lot of farming so he made me look at all the cows, sheep, pigs, goats, etc. with him. I am very much a (sub)urban girl and was not liking the smells... We checked out the agricultural pavilions and of course the cookie, cakes, and pie contest entries.

The sandwich had more PB than J, boooo.

I usually stick to the local dairy farmer's ice cream, but this time I wanted to try something deep fried. Steve and I felt so sick after eating this fried PB&J, but mmm was it good! This little piece of clogged artery heaven set up back $4 and tons of minutes on the treadmill. Steve also got a turkey leg, it seemed like everyone was carrying one around at the fair this year. Me, I was repulsed by them.

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