October 31, 2009


It seems like all I have been doing lately is going to weddings! I went to my friend Beth's last weekend and have another one to go to next weekend! Geez. I feel like all of my friends or someone I know is either just married or getting engaged.... What's in the air? Oh, I know. Love. Love is in the air haha.

Beth is the B (obviously) in the KBJx2, my friends since freshman year of college. Beth's mom walked her down the aisle and she looked beautiful in her dress. She wanted us to all wear different dresses in different shades of blue. At first I thought it was going to turn out to be a hot mess, but everyone looked really good together. We all wore the necklaces Beth gave us as a bridesmaid gift so that we would all be matching in that way.

KBJX2 <3

The wedding was in Frederick, MD on the groom's grandfather's farm. Everything turned out beautifully despite some traffic, direction, food delivery, and rain issues. The reception was held at the Westminster Riding Club in Westminster, MD.

The food was served buffet style and the cake was made and decorated by Beth's aunt Katherine!

I'm writing this blog while Steve is making his first batch of home-brewed beer with the kit I got him for his birthday. The first batch is going to be a winter ale spiced with cinnamon, orange peel, and cardamom. Sounds tasty!

We decided to slack off on doing school work, I have a paper to do and Steve has a midterm to do. I passed out last night from exhaustion at 9:30pm so I woke up early. We went to breakfast at Eggspectations in Ellicott City then over to the Route 1 Flea Market.

We went to check out the Sysco Discount Food Center (link to HowChow's post about it) to find a chef's jacket for Steve's halloween costume. We found one, but Steve thought it was too expensive, psssh. I was amazed at all the food they had and for cheap cheap! Of course it's in quantities large enough to feed the Duggar family, but its a great place to go if you're planning on having a party. I didn't see the taco truck which was disappointing, I wasn't even hungry after eating my scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese crepes and lemon poppyseed muffin at breakfast though :P


  1. Wow a beermaking kit! What a great gift! ;)

    Beautiful photos! :D

  2. Thanks! Making beer is a lot easier than it seems. It's the waiting to be able to drink it that's the hard part ;)