November 10, 2009


I'm sitting in class right now, but all I can focus on is how tired I am from work and school. For those of you who are working full time and going to school with a family and other obligations, you're probably going to laugh at me for saying that.

I am working full time (80 hrs) and going to grad school all day on my only day off. Nursing is the type of job that is physically and emotionally exhausting even more so when you are orienting to a new unit and group of coworkers.

I had to mention to my PCC (patient care coordinator) yesterday about my preference to work (70 hrs) and was told that that is going to cause some problems with staffing, but she would talk about it with our manager. I don't understand how my cutting back on one day a week would greatly effect staffing if they have been working a nurse short before I came to the unit.

I really don't like to be made to feel guilty. I'm always tired, I haven't been going to the gym, I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis since I've started working, and I have no free time to myself. I need that extra day off.

Lord, give me strength.


  1. Off-topic, but you have a won an award!

    Wendi at the Bon Appetit Hon blog has tried to start a cheeky little wave of blogs passing on kudos to each other. Wendi created her own blog awards -- the It's A Major Award!, which she promptly awarded to HowChow.

    Wendi's inspiration is that her seven blogs were supposed to award blogs of their own. And so on. And so on. Think of a chain letter of compliments without the threats of bad luck. It's just fun, and I thought of you.

    Check out these pages:

    Hope you'll be amused enough to award a few blogs that you like.

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