November 8, 2009


Inspired by HowChow's "Best Of" posts, Steve and I have decided that we are going to try every sushi place in the Elkridge, Columbia, Ellicott City area. Our list to date includes, Sushi Sono, Katana, Niko, and Hanamura. So, Friday for dinner Steve and I decided to go to Sushi King in Columbia. He'd been there once before, but I hadn't.

I was surprised to see 5 sushi chefs behind the sushi bar, I took it as a good sign that they need that many hands making sushi in one night to keep up with the orders. There was one room with traditional Japanese seating (Chopstix in Perry Hall and Sushi Sono in Columbia have this too). Despite being busy, the service was very attentive and everyone was very friendly.

I ordered miso soup and we both ordered green salads. The miso soup is some of the best I've ever had, it wasn't too watery or salty and it had the perfect ratio of tofu to seaweed. We overheard someone else comment about how good the miso soup was. We ordered three different rolls to share: Veggie, Baltimore, and Smokey. We like to order the Baltimore roll, if it's on the menu, from every sushi place we go to. So far Steve and I agree that Chopstix has the best Baltimore roll thus far. Even so, I think that Sushi King delivered the best sushi I have ever had in regards to both quality and taste.

Veggie roll: tempura sweet potato, asparagus, red onion, cucumber, avocado, pickled squash, and the chef's special dipping sauce.

Smokey roll: there was so much going on with this roll, I forget exactly what was in it. All I know is that it had smoked salmon on the outside with something ever so slightly spicy sprinkled on top. It was out of this world delicious.

Baltimore roll: lump crabmeat, avocado, roe. This tasted like a crabcake with the mayo and all before you actually cook it. This didn't have Old Bay like the one at Chopstix has. If it had, this would have been the best Baltimore roll in my book.

Sushi King
6490 Dobbin Road, Ste. F
Columbia, MD

Sorry the pics are of such poor quality, I was using my Blackberry without the flash.


  1. If you want to add another sushi place to your list, try Yamahana sushi in the Waverly Woods shopping center. We go there all the time and it's excellent!

  2. Sushi King is my all time fave!!!!! I haven't looked at their actual menu in years!! All we ever order are rolls from their "specialty menu"! The specialty rolls are pricey but worth every penny!! Bonus: they are super original & you won't find them anywhere else!!

  3. I second trying Sushi King's special rolls. My favorite is the King Crab Roll. How did you like Hanamura? What was the best roll?

  4. Yamahana might be worth a visit, although its always so empty

  5. alisonc & Baltimore Beer Guy: thanks for the recommendation!

    PENALTYna: at first i gawked at the price of some of the speciality rolls, but man are they worth it!

    anonymous: nothing really wowed me at Hanamura... i'm pretty sure i liked The Kevin roll, can't remember what was in it though.

  6. Sushi king is definitely by far my fav sushi in columbia area. They are generous with their cuts of fish, and everything is SO fresh. the red lady roll ( i think thats the name ) is reallly expensive, i think $15 but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing! you gotta try that one next time!