December 12, 2009


My first Saturday with no school work to do was spent hanging out with Steve and my family. We drove to Jarrettsville to Jarrettsville Nurseries to cut our own Christmas tree then we headed over to the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market and Valley View Farms in Cockeysville.

We've cut our own Christmas tree down before, but I don't remember it being as fun or as easy as it was at Jarrettsville Nurseries. They had tractors that would take you to the different sections of the nursery to find whichever type of tree you wanted, sleds to make lugging your tree back easier, saws, a shaker to get anything in or on your tree out, and no charge for bailing the tree. We even used a coupon online for $5 off.

If you've never been to the Dutch Market, you need to go. It is such a fun foodie experience! The market is operated by Dutch Amish people and there are different shops selling furniture, crafts, pasta and grains, meats, cheeses, baked goods, spices, produce, and candies. There is also a small diner like shop with a small area to eat as well as a pretzel shop (my favorite).

a wall of sprinkles! i could have done some serious damage here...

Steve and I got a red velvet whoopie pie, vanilla creme long john, hand rolled soft pretzels, fresh squeezed lemonade, and a pound of wings. Mmm!

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