December 13, 2009


Sushi King Part II
A few weeks ago, Steve & I ventured out once again to our newly claimed favorite sushi spot.
This time we went for lunch and it was just as busy as it was for dinner. In my opinion, the service was just a little less attentive, but it just might have been the waitress we had.

We wanted to try some different things so we ordered the spicy grill roll, spicy king crab roll, vegetarian delight roll, miso soup, Japanese green salad, and tuna tataki.

Steve recalls that we did not care for the spicy king crab roll - he says, "it just had crab and avocado and wasn't that exciting." I don't even remembering it being spicy at all. We loved the spicy grill roll, the sauce was sweet and spicy tasting and the tuna tataki was delicious.

miso soup

spicy grill roll

tuna tataki

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