January 9, 2010


In addition to trying out new sushi places, Steve and I are now on a mission to try all of the Korean style frozen yogurt places in and around HoCo. The fro-yo mission is mainly my personal mission, but Steve comes along for the ride :)

Today we took a trip to H-Mart and went to Mango Berry which is next door to H-Mart. While at H-Mart we tasted some demo foods such as Korean marinated beef with oyster mushrooms and rice cake, grilled eel in unagi sauce, vegetable dumplings, and tofu shirataki noodle soup. I love Korean marinated beef also known as Bulgogi and have been craving it for a long time. So Steve and I picked up the ingredients to make it for dinner. I love going to H-Mart because the prices are so cheap and the variety of produce and other food stuffs is amazing.

Next door to H-Mart, there are 2 Korean/Chinese/Sushi restaurants, Mango Berry, and a huge store that sells everything from orchids to a kimchi refrigerator. I never realized that there were more stores and restaurants beyond H-Mart.

I got the original flavor with chocolate chips and strawberries. Steve got the berry flavor with mochi. Mmmm, so good!


  1. oh my. your food looks AMAZING. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Korean food and also go crazy over mochi on my yogurt! There's a place here called Mochi Yogurt actually ~ right next to a place called Bento where I also love to eat and get a boba tea. YUM! :]

  2. Yeah, time to raid the kitchen...brb