February 17, 2010

Trapped in NYC

Two weekends ago, before the big snowpocolypse of 2010, Steve and I escaped to NYC. Megabus was running a really good promotion a few months ago so the both of us went to NYC and back for about $30. Free wifi and outlets to plug in your electronics- can't beat that with a stick! We ended up getting stuck in the concrete jungle where dreams are made up for another day because Baltimore got so much snow that our bus couldn't pick us up. We only saw flurries for an hour or two in NYC.

We stayed at The New Yorker Hotel on 34th & 8th. We snagged a great deal on Hotwire.com and used Betterbidding.com to help. It's a little time consuming to go through all the amenities and match it with those listed on the hotel's website, but so worth it. We used betterbidding.com when we went to Orlando last year.

Steve and I are self proclaimed foodies so the majority, but not all of our trip was spent doing and seeing things related to food :)

Light dinner at Chelsea Market: fresh sushi, smoked salmon, bacon and scallop chowder from the Lobster Place

I <3>

We saw Next to Normal on Broadway

Steve's stuffed french toast at the Tick Tock Diner

We had a few beers at the oldest continuously run pub in America

Steve's college friend who lives in the city took us for some awesome Korean ramen in St. Mark's Place

Brooklyn Brewery Tour

Corned beef and Pastrami sandwich at the Carnegie Deli

Super delicious avocado salad at Mooncake Foods in Chelsea