June 15, 2011

New BGR Reviewed

Steve and I went to the new burger joint in HoCo called BGR. It is by the Target in Columbia right next to the new Tutti Frutti. We are always in search of a good burger. I got the Turkey Burger and Steve got the Greek Burger, we shared an order of rosemary fries.

Greek Burger

Turkey Burger

What I liked:
The fries were crispy.
The soda dispenser has different flavor syrups that you can add to your drink. I chose cherry vanilla to add to my Diet Coke.
Our order came out fast.
Outdoor seating.

What I didn't like:
My burger fell apart after one bite.
I felt the burger itself was undercooked and a bit salty.
The rosemary seasoning on the fries was just dried rosemary sprinkled on top. The rosemary did not stick and didn't have much flavor.

Overall I would say my experience was okay. I was most impressed with their fancy soda dispenser than the food. My vote for best burger still goes to the Victoria Burger at Victoria Gastro Pub.


  1. Hi Cupcake, RN. I'll tweet your blog post over on @hocoblogs. I encourage you to use the hocofood@@@ phrase inside any hoco-food-related posts you write.

    Hope to see you at our utterly informal (but we still have a fun RSVP) hocoblogs tweetup and Monday Night at the Movies. http://twtvite.com/monday-night-at-the-movies

  2. if you haven't tried tutti frutti yet, i highly recommend the pomegrante