July 25, 2011

Blogging By Mail 2011

Blogging By Mail, organized by Stephanie of the Dispensing Happiness blog, in a nutshell is bloggers sending other bloggers little packages of goodies and treats. The bloggers are paired up randomly and when the package arrives it is a fun surprise! I've participated the past two times and each had a different theme for the packages. This time the theme was Handle With Care. Each blogger was to send their assigned blogger swapee a care package of their "must-haves." I sent a care package to Mary of The Sour Dough blog. I received a package from Shelley of In the Land of Spice blog. I got some awesome Cajun spices, soap, cornbread mix, beer bread mix, Louisiana coffee, hand towel, etc.! All of the food products were made by her or other local producers. Thanks Stephanie and Shelley :D As always, I had so much fun!


July 24, 2011

Baltimore Farmer's Market

After a late night of playing cards with some friends, Steve and I were debating whether or not if we wanted to wake up early to go to the Baltimore Farmer's Market under the JFX downtown in Baltimore. We slept in later than planned, but woke up early enough to still go. We ended up getting there around 9:30am. People had advised me to get there the earlier the better because a lot of farms sell out quickly- this had me worried, but I was pleasantly surprised. Parking was free and we had no problem finding a spot. I guess 9:30 was the time most people were arriving because the market was packed!

First, we walked around and took everything in. I had heard many people say that the mini doughnut stand is a must at the Baltimore Farmer's Market so this was our first stop. The doughnuts were freshly fried and hot when I walked up to the stand. There were a lot of toppings for the doughnuts if you chose to use any. I chose sprinkles and powered sugar :) The doughnuts were so light and fluffy, they had a hint of cinnamon in the batter I think.

Right across from the doughnuts was a stand selling crepes. I assume that the owner is of Mexican descent as the sign said Ruben's Crepes: Mexican and Crepes. Many of the crepes had Mexican ingredients. Steve and I tried the #19 which had chorizo, egg, black beans, cheese, and salsa verde. Someone took our order while we were waiting in line and by the time we got to where the crepes were being made, ours was done. The crepes came out faster than the blink of an eye.
To quench our thirst we got a fresh squeezed lemonade from another stand. This was the best tasting lemonade, not sure if it was because were were so hot (86 degrees by 9:30) or because it was really good lemonade, probably both.

Once we were full and hydrated we walked around to scope out which produce we wanted to buy. There was so much to choose from! There were 10 different varieties of mushrooms, and ginormous tomatoes, and peppers, and string beans, and lettuces, and herbs, and flowers, oh my! Many sellers took cash only, something we had failed to think of so we had about $25 in cash to work with. We bought from 3 different local farms and ended up getting some tomatoes, peaches, and string beans. The total cost for all of this was a whopping $7! You can't beat that price for the variety, freshness, and taste of produce like this. I can't wait to go back!