September 23, 2011

Two New Eats

For lunch Steve and I went to the newly opened Jason's Deli in Columbia. We went around 1pm and they had a pretty decent lunch crowd. The line was about 5 people long, but moved quickly. I got the salad bar and soup and Steve got the Big Joe sandwich (he liked it very much). The salad bar was very fresh and clean with plenty of vegetable and non-vegetable choices like banana pudding! They also had mini corn and spice muffins at the salad bar, yum! Jason's Deli is the type of place where you get a card with a number when you place your order, you put it in a holder at your table and someone brings the food out to you. I'd guess that the total wait time for Steve's sandwich was 5 minutes, not bad for being busy. Jason's Deli offers free soft serve ice cream in all of their restaurants so that was an added treat to the end of our lunch. They even have free ice cream cones! Next time I go back, I'm trying the reuben and the muffaletta sandwiches.

Later, we tried the new Korean style frozen yogurt place, Yogopop. It is located in the new strip of businesses off Rt. 103 (Meadowridge Rd), super close to our house. The lady at the register was super friendly. The decor was a little mis-matched and the tables/chair were the same as Tutti Fruitti in Ellicott City. My only complaint that there were only 3 tables to sit at inside, not enough. The froyo cost us $.47/oz. Pretty comparable to the others in the area.


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