December 15, 2013

More Dachshund Finds

I am pleased to say that my Christmas shopping was completed over a week ago. What a relief! I am especially relieved to not have to deal with the chaos of the shopping malls and parking lots.

While the Mr. and I were out and about this past week, I came across a few more Dachshund Finds. Ever since I started collecting Dachshund related things, I am seeing them everywhere I go!

Sterling silver Dachshund post earrings: found at Kohl's in Ellicott City, price $20 on sale for $10

Dachshund Riesling wine: found at Perfect Pour in Columbia, price $13.99

Dachshund flannel pajama pants: found at Nordstrom Rack in Columbia, price $9.99

Here is my Dachshund, Cooper. He loves looking out the front window!

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