February 7, 2014

Craving Now: Sincronizada

File:Sincronizada mexicana.jpg
Picture courtesy of Wikipedia
I've had sincronizada on my mind ALOT lately (my poor husband will tell you I won't shut up about it) and then I read HowChow's Craving Now post which made me think about it even more!

Every time my husband and I go somewhere where there are quesadillas on the menu I go on this rant about how quesadillas are the American version of sincronizada and how my Mexican host mama would make me this for lunch and how delicious they are and how I wish I were back in Mexico, and how it was such an amazing experience for me, but I digress...

Ok, so what is it? Instead of one tortilla folded over onto itself, it is prepared like a sandwich with one tortilla on the bottom and one on top. Toasted in a hot, greased pan on both sides until the cheese is gooey and melty. My host mama made it with the three traditionally used ingredients for making it: Oaxaca cheese, sliced ham, tortillas, AND THAT'S IT. So simple, yet muy delicioso!

What are you craving?!


  1. I want a sincronizada! They sound amazing. I could go for some authentic Mexican food right now.

  2. They are sooo good! I know Mexico gets a bad wrap, but it really was a beautiful country with some of the best food I've ever had.