February 5, 2014

Product Review: Homage Boot Wraps

I've been wanting to post a review of these Ugg boot wraps for about a week, but I figured that I would wait until I was able to give them a real try and what better day than today in this icy/rainy mix?

I discovered the Homage Boot Wraps after looking on Nordstrom's website for a pair of new Ugg boots. It appears that Nordstrom is the exclusive retailer.


I love Uggs, they are so warm and comfy! I have 4 pairs (btw, I ended up buying a new pair hehe) and one thing I've always disliked is that if I wear them out in the snow/rain/slush, the bottom of the boot gets saturated and sometimes I can start to feel moisture inside the boot. I think the soles of the boots are foam? The boots also have no real tread and do not provide much traction if any at all. So when I was looking online for new boots, I saw the boot wraps and thought what a genius idea!

The wraps are a plastic/silicone type material and come in a variety of colors and patterns. I went with the brown leopard print wraps ($34.95) thinking that it would go with both my Black, Brown, and Sand boots. If you think about it, it is like a cell phone case but for your Ugg boots!

I read the reviews before I decided to order the wrap and the majority of the reviewers really liked the product. One common complaint people had was that it was difficult to apply the wrap to the boot. On the Homage website there is a YouTube video on how to apply the wrap. I watched it and had no problems with putting them on my boots... Maybe others didn't watch it? If you buy these, I suggest you do :)

I will note that they do make the boots noticeably heavier and makes the sole of the boot look a bit chunky. Overall, I like them and I think they look pretty stylish. They have kept my feet free from that moisture I was talking about. I did feel that I got a little extra (and by little I mean little) grip when I was walking into work. Understand that these are not meant to be used when walking through loads of snow, for that you would probably want to wear snow boots...

*Update: I just walked from one end of the hospital to the other and I want to let you know that I noticed some squeaking noise when I walked. I think it is the bottom of the boot rubbing against the wrap. It wasn't really loud and no one around seemed to notice except me.

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