April 3, 2014

Chi-Town Recap

Any time that the husband and I travel, we plan our trip around where we want to eat/food we want to try. Recently we went to Chicago and we had a few things on our list: Chicago style hotdogs, Italian beef, Chicago style deep dish pizza, Goose Island Brewery, and bopNgrill.

Deep dish pizza from Giordano's, locations all over Chicago. It takes quite a while for it to bake but is worth the wait!
Philly cheesesteak bulgogi eggrolls and loaded kimchi fries at bopNgrill. They limit guests to only 2 orders of the eggrolls.  I seriously can't even describe how freaking delicious this was.
Bulgogi plate at bopNgrill. The place opens at 11, we got there right as they opened. No more than 10-12 minutes later was the place packed.
Umami burger at bopNgrill, not as good as the other food we got.
Lake Shore Drive was closed due to police activity so we decided to re-route and stop for some beer. Very good beer and the food menu looked just as good.
Italian beef at Portillo's
Chicago Dog at Portillo's
Shrimp and walnut appetizer at Yucca. This place was outside of the city in the suburbs. I did no expect such good sushi/food from a place located in a small town in the Midwest and I was pleasantly surprised!
Sushi roll at Yucca, forget the names, but it was excellent.
More delicious sushi from Yucca, very fresh and generous portions as you can see.
Seared scallops, avocado roll at Yucca

If you're ever in the Chicago area, I highly recommend checking out these places! Another place we went to, but I didn't snap any pictures was Tribes Alehouse which was a great place for local and craft beer lovers. At Tribes, we had an Irish eggroll which was filled with corned beef and cabbage and came with a spicy mustard dipping sauce (it was St. Patrick's Day). My favorite meal was definitely from bopNgrill. I could eat those Philly bulgogi eggrolls every day. I'm going to go ahead and say that eggrolls are going to be the new food trend. I mean, the possibilities are endless...You heard it here first, folks!

Not only did we eat our way around the city, we toured the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio and Robie House too. Its pretty unbelievable how detailed and ahead of his time Frank Lloyd Wright was.


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  1. All of the food looks wonderful. I actually realllly like Portillos a lot. I could go for their onion rings right now.