May 27, 2014

Ellicott City Old Town Market

Post Updated: 7/19/14

The Ellicott City Old Town Market is held every Saturday from May 10th - November 8th from 9am-1pm. This year they've expanded and have vendors located on the Courtyards of  Tonge Row (in front of the Little French Market Cafe) and in the Wine Bin Parking Lot.

For us the main draw is the fresh pizza from River House Pizza Co. They typically have a breakfast pizza special and a few other pizza choices along with their fresh breads. We got the breakfast pizza special which had a b├ęchamel sauce, Parmesan cheese, shaved asparagus, bacon, and a cracked egg. Super  yum.

While my husband was waiting for our pizza, he talked to Nathan, the owner. He said that he just bought the unoccupied space at the end of Tonge Row right next to where their pizza oven is located. He intends to install a kitchen. The husband wasn't sure if this means he is just expanding their kitchen space to be able to offer more on the menu or if he is planning on opening a store/restaurant. The owner also said that he recently acquired the ScoopAHHdeedoo ice cream shop.

We wandered up to the second location and found a new local favorite, fresh made salsa. It was just a guy, I assume his name is Brooks named Jeff at a table selling his fresh made salsa and tortilla chips. As a chip and salsa connoisseur  I was a little skeptical but damn! was his salsa good. He said that he adds honey to his salsa, who would have thought?! In addition to the regular salsa he has a black bean salsa but it wasn't as tasty the other. He also makes his own tortilla chips which were equally delicious. We just bought plain, but he also has another flavor that he seasons with some herb and citrus juice. I'll have to get the husband to clarify, I was lost in the salsa and clearly not paying any attention. A container of salsa and a bag of chips set us back $8. Totally worth it. He said that the salsa should stay fresh for about 3 weeks. The salsa didn't stand a chance in our house. By the end of the day we were done the bag of chips and almost all of the salsa. Brooks (I'm just going to call him that) said you can find him at various local farmer's markets. He specifically mentioned the Baltimore Farmer's Market and Waverly Farmer's Market.