July 18, 2014

Days Like This

I typically don't make plans to do anything during the week because I'm an old lady who gets grumpy if I'm not in bed by a certain time (nurse problems), but since I took today off last night my husband and our friends, Cat & Joe went to another delicious dinner at The Food Market (if you don't already know it's my favorite) then saw Ben Folds perform with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra last night. Rock this bitch!

I'm also taking off Monday so I have a list of things I would like to do. One of those things is, crafting.

I really love crafting and I've been thinking up this idea for a succulent wreath for awhile now. Michael's has 25% off your purchase including sale items coupon that expires tomorrow so I took that opportunity to buy my supplies. The succulent picks ended up being 70% off anyway, score!

This was super easy to make and it cost less than $15! I did use a coupon and I already I really love how it turned out.

I took the succulents off of the stem which made it easier to place them exactly where I wanted. 

It is amazing what taking a day or two off of work can do for a person! I really enjoy low stress days like this where there aren't any "have to" things.

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