August 13, 2014

IKEA Dachshund Finds!

The Mr. and I have visited IKEA twice over the past two weekends. First we bought a new king size bed and second we bought some new night stands! Cooper approves of the new bed. Plenty of room for him to lay length wise which previously would have forced me to sleep on my side on the edge of the bed :)

Like I said when I wrote my first Dachshund Finds post, it seems as if Dachshunds are so trendy right now! But it still surprises and excites me when I come across a Dachshund related item.

I've included the Swedish product name.
Dachshund stuffed animal (SMASLUG): $4.99 found at the College Park IKEA
Framed Picasso Animals Reprint (OLULNDA): $39.99 found at the College Park IKEA


  1. Hi @Arlene- I'm sorry you aren't able to see the images in my post. I looked at it both on my personal computer and phone and was able to see the images.

    Any other readers having trouble viewing the images?

  2. I can't see them either

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  4. Thanks awesome blog readers, I think the image problem is fixed now!