August 15, 2014

Product Review: Jamberry Nails

My lack of blog posts has been partly due to work being extremely busy. After working 15+ hours like I did earlier this week, the last thing I want to spend a lot of time doing is painting my nails! I previously reviewed Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Nail Color which has changed my life.

I've been hearing a lot about Jamberry Nails and was curious what it was all about. Basically they are nail decals that you apply using a bit of heat and they are supposed to last longer than a traditional manicure with nail polish.

A sheet of nails (20 decals) costs $15. Before I committed to buying a sheet, I wanted to first try it out to see if it even worked! Fortunately, a former coworker was hosting an online Jamberry Nail party and the consultant, Christina was offering to send anyone a free sample!

I did quite a bit of research on the best way to apply the decals online before I actually did it myself. The website offered some helpful advice, but the YouTube videos of non-Jamberry Nail employees were better.

The suggested supplies needed are:
A source of heat
Orange stick
Cuticle pusher
Nail file

I only had a few of the suggested supplies, but my nails turned out fine. I found the decals a little difficult to peel off the sheet, so I used some tweezers to do that and I also used the tweezers to hold the decal while I was warming it up with my hair dryer. The orange stick is supposed to be used to smooth out the decal as you are applying it to your nail, but I used a finger on my opposite hand and that worked out fine. I actually would suggest you use cuticle scissors like I did to cut the edge of the decal instead of using the nail file. The nail file didn't work out for me.

Getting everything set up
Decal is on my ring finger
I just removed my decals after almost two weeks of applying them. A group of my friends got together for steamed crabs and I thought picking crabs would be a true test to see if the decals were as durable as they were advertised to be and they were! No peeling or anything! Some other comments about the decals is that the sheets are all the same color or same design. I wish there were some way to mix and match. The decals do come in different sizes, but they may not cover the entire width of the nail. It is hard to tell, but still.

If you are interested in trying Jamberry Nails, feel free to visit the website of the consultant I referred to earlier at or check out

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