March 14, 2015

Mr. Rogers Shows Us How to Make Crayons

As a kid, I was totally awed by watching how things were made and still am to this day. I love shows like How It's Made and Food Factory. I remember watching the episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood where they showed how crayons were made. I was mesmerized. Was it Mr. Roger's soothing voice, was it the melted wax, all the colors? All I know is that at 6 years old, I was convinced that I wanted to work in a crayon factory when I grew up.

There is a Crayola Crayon Factory in Pennsylvania that I so want to go to but it's geared towards kids... Thank goodness for the Internet and YouTube which allows me to watch Mr. Rogers take us through how crayons are made and forever remember a great childhood memory!

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