May 5, 2015

There's A New Sushi Buffet In Town

For a while there were plenty of sushi buffet options in Howard County. Now it seems like they are few and far between. I blogged about the opening of Korshi in Columbia however they have closed in less than a year. Also worth noting both Niko and Kimko in Ellicott City have closed as well.

I always check the Valpak/Money Mailer coupons because there are typically some good deals on local restaurants. A few weeks ago while flipping through I saw a coupon for Bean & Burgundy. What caught my eye was that they are advertising a new sushi lunch buffet Monday-Sunday starting 4/22/15.

I had never been to Bean & Burgundy but have been meaning to go since it opened in 2013 (read HowChow's soft opening post). With no sushi buffet options, the husband and I checked it out on a Saturday two weeks ago.

Walking up to the restaurant I noticed that they have outdoor seating which is a nice option as the weather gets warmer. I love al fresco dining! Inside I was shocked by how big and open the space is. The space is very modern with large communal wood tables, a stage, and pillows in some of the booths. I also love that the kitchen is open so you can sit and watch what's going on in the kitchen. There is also a large bar that almost extends the entire length of the restaurant. Apparently they are open until 2am and offer late night and happy hour specials.

The lunch spread was quite large with dishes ranging from salads, wraps, pasta salads, hot Korean fare, and of course sushi. The husband and I were quite impressed. There were at least 20 different sushi roll options and 4 buffet tables with other dishes. Everything we tried was tasty and thought the quality of the sushi and it's fish to rice ratio were decent. If anyone has gone to Niko, you know what I'm talking about - the sushi at their lunch buffet was more rice than anything else. The only thing worth mentioning is that the service was a little slow during our initial visit, but we have since gone back and the service was much better.

As mentioned earlier, Bean & Burgundy are offering their sushi buffet 7 days a week which is something others typically haven't offered. If you've been missing sushi buffet in Howard County, look no further!

Bean & Burgundy
9469 Baltimore National Pike
Daily sushi buffet 11:30am-3:00pm

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