August 10, 2015

Baltimore Farmer's Market Haul

It's been a few months since my last post and honestly there has been so much going on and that's just how life is! I'm hoping to do some "back-blogging," but in the meantime...

Yesterday was the first time in a few months that we've gone to the Baltimore Farmer's Market and we sure did pick a good day to go! Chipotle Mexican Grill was giving out $5 vouchers that could be used on fresh produce at the Farmer's Market. We talked to one of the vendors who said that they heard that Chipotle donated $18,000 in the form of vouchers and that same vendor said that they have seen more business that day than any other.  It is so awesome that Chipotle supports local farms!

My husband made the observation that in all our visits to the Farmer's Market he had never seen more  fresh produce there before and I think that the fruit/vegetable season is at it's peak is part of the reason.

We came away with a bunch of fresh, local goods for a whopping $2 thanks to the three Chipotle vouchers we had.
Carrots, green beans, French orange melon, ginger gold apples, nectarines, zucchini. Mead from Charm City Meadworks and salsa from Cliff's Salsa not purchased using the vouchers.
Look at the size of that carrot! Dachshund pictured for scale :)

Pro tip: If you're headed to the Baltimore Farmer's Market try parking in the Mercy Medical Center garage on Guilford Avenue for up to 2 hours free from 7am-noon. Don't forget to get your parking ticket validated at the Welcome Tent!

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